MARCH  2022


Alliance with Good Neighbors El Salvador in favor of education in Salvadoran schools.

Good Neighbors El Salvador; The Business Foundation for Educational Development (FEPADE), under the framework of the Education & Coexistence Project; the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), are committed to providing support to 26 schools in various municipalities of El Salvador. 

 It is estimated that 8,000 students will see progress in the quality of their education, thanks to improvements in infrastructure, provision of furniture, equipment, educational materials; as well as community strengthening activities and provision of biosafety materials, which will benefit parents and community members. 

Similarly, it is expected to improve the skills of an estimated 300 teachers and 26 directors, thanks to the technical assistance and training that will be provided by the project. 

Expansion and improvement of infrastructure in the National Institute of Ciudad Arce

INDUFOAM, through the Toruño Steiner Foundation; the Government of the United States through the United States Agency for International Development, USAID El Salvador; the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, MINEDUCYT and the Business Foundation for Educational Development, FEPADE, within the framework of the Education & Coexistence Project, inaugurated infrastructure improvements at the National Institute of Ciudad Arce, in order to strengthen ​​education in the city.

National Book Campaign Program Activities

The CNLF, in coordination with the Education & Coexistence project, is carrying out the second edition of the project “The open book house-community reading corner” with the delivery of the following 4 components: 

  • Carrying out a workshop for the management of a reading space and how to promote the pleasure of reading in the community.


  • Furniture for the adaptation of a reading space: 2 tables, 8 chairs and 1 shelf per community
  • Play material (different educational games)
  • Donation of 500 books per community

7 workshops have been held, 3,575 books delivered, benefiting 101 members of 55 communities. 

Among other donations, a donation of 3,000 books was also made to CONNA. 

Edubecas Scholarship Program 


We thank the following sponsors for their support of education in El Salvador:

Sarti Group Fund

Sarti Group awarded 27 scholarships at the basic, secondary and university levels, making a total of 262 schlarships since their beginning. 

Thank you Sarti Group!


On this occasion, DISAL awarded 42 scholarships for basic education and secondary education, making a total of 429 scholarships since their beginning. 

Thank you DISAL!

In the month of March, we welcomed to the family of EDUBECAS sponsors:

CARNAVAL who awarded 3 scholarships for basic and secondary education.
CONDUSAL who awarded 4 scholarships for basic and secondary education. 

¡Welcome Carnaval and Condusal!

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