¡Movie night at the community!
The Education & Coexistence Project coordinated the projection of a film with the theme of values ​​such as solidarity and self-acceptance to invite community coexistence. Approximately 200 people gathered in the space created. The community enjoyed popcorn and a happy family moment.


Scholarships awarded in February thanks to the following funds:

Luigemi Marisela de Pastora Fund

This year the fund awarded 18 scholarships for studies in basic and secondary education for the children of employees and for the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Institute, making a cumulative total of 37 scholarships since they started.

Suriano Siu Foundation Fund

This year we welcomed the Suriano Siu Foundation to the EDUBECAS family of sponsors, with the first installment of 25 scholarships for studies in higher technical education for employees, family members or employee referrals. 

Welcome Suriano Siu Foundation!


This year INDUFOAM, through the Toruño Steiner Foundation, awarded 235 scholarships for studies in basic, secondary and higher education, making a total of 3,864 scholarships since 1999. 

Thank you INDUFOAM! 

Super Selectos

Through a digital event, Grupo Calleja awarded scholarships to the children of Super Selectos collaborators. On this occasion, there were 87 school vouchers, 62 basic education scholarships and 44 secondary education scholarships benefiting 193 children of employees, making a total of 2,949 scholarships since 2008. 

Thank you Super Selectos!

EDECSA Group Fund

This year we welcomed the EDECSA group to the EDUBECAS family of sponsors, with the first delivery of 13 scholarships for secondary education at the National Institute of Acajutla. 

Welcome EDECSA Group!

Thank you Super Selectos!

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