Teachers Training

FEPADE designs executes, and evaluates teacher training plans and courses for kindergarten, elementary, and middle school levels, with particular emphasis on the public sector. Its approach includes the curricular design, the production of materials, the systematization and publication of school and classroom experiences, the accompaniment (coaching), and the evaluation.

Provides support in technical, operational, and logistical aspects, with scope throughout the national territory. Teacher training is a key component of its projects and FEPADE service lines, and is developed under agreements, contracts, or alliances with the Ministry of Education, the private sector, other local or foreign foundations, and international organizations.

Other educational projects

ABsé Pedagogical Magazine

The AB-Sé Pedagogical Magazine supports teachers’ and principals’ professional development through the publication and dissemination of good pedagogical practices. The contents promote research, innovation, the systematization of educational practice, and self-training in educational projects, effective school management, disciplinary content, inclusive education, technologies in education, and methodologies for attention to diversity, among others.

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